Spinning, or scrolling, in circles won’t help you sell products.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

You know you have a product idea better than what you see on the shelf. You feel ignited to launch, but start looking through design portfolios and feel overwhelmed.

Your product is taking off but your brand visuals don't work for this new growth or your future goals. Your business is pivoting and you need a new perspective.

The template you’ve purchased to DIY your brand is okay, but not quite meeting your expectations. You feel anxious because you only get one shot to make a first impression.

I'm Lindsay, and I work with product businesses who are ready to stop wasting time, money, and brainpower—promote their product (even in the most saturated market.)

My visual strategy illustrates how a cohesive brand builds credibility, loyalty, and sales. As a result, they spend less time guessing what works and more time tracking their growth.

Visuals that stand
out and sell.

I want THAT!

Consistent and effective

“Our brand and packaging designs have been crucial in growing as a company. We regularly receive comments from customers saying they love the look of our products.”

- Jessie Steinberg, Beard Reverence

“Our reband has opened so many doors and helped us grow more quickly. My jars jump off the shelf and we’re in more stores, boutiques and wineries than ever!”

- Cindy Greaver, Mrs.g’s hot pepper jelly

- Cindy Greaver,
Mrs.g’s hot pepper jelly

“Lindsay is an expert who not only has grown and evolved our brand, but helped translate our ideas into visuals we use in ads, catalog, social media, and email. She thinks big picture and offers new ideas to surprise our audience.”

- Monica hoover, dark arts surf

My peers would say I’m a print expert. But I can also walk the walk with a BA in Graphic Design and over 15 years of agency experience working with brands like New Balance, Sony, Matchbox and Perfect Bar. Long story short, I'm not new to the scene and learned what it takes to get your product on the shelf.

Why choose me?

I’ve got the product-specific expertise to create a brand that captures your audience and the skills to execute the perfect package. 

When I'm not helping clients reach their potential, I'm spending time with my son (aka “Stinky boo”) and husband. One of our favorite things to do is color with crayons or markers. Have you ever known someone who has won one of those grocery store coloring contests? Well, now you do. I won – twice at Easter time. So you can imagine that coloring with my little guy makes me smile. 

Sure, I’ve earned some design awards too, but helping small businesses thrive while providing for my family is much more rewarding.

I also enjoy sewing and have been obsessed with Brazil and samba dancing for quite a while. You may even catch me on a video call with a feathered headpiece. Think of it as a creative thinking cap.

Are you ready for branded visuals

that lead your customers to buy, share, and love your product?

I'm Ready!