You know you need branded visuals and packaging,
but you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and distracted by all the options.

First, there is the DIY option and man, those templates make it look so dang easy and pretty. But the example logo is 5 letters … aaaaand your business name is 12. And did they mention you’ll need professional design software to get the best result?

Crowdsourcing seems affordable and fast. Real designers all competing to work with you. Only those real designers are trying to work with everyone, at the same time, for rock bottom prices. So basically they are churning out as many designs as possible to make as much money as possible. Probably not the ideal situation if you want to launch with a fully baked visual strategy.

Or, there’s that designer that does everything from websites, to coupons to branding ... that should be great, right! Well, maybe. Would you rather hire a generalist, or a specialist? 


Tell the world about your brand and launch your product in 6 weeks with sales on the way.

Create a first impression that captivates with textured paper, smooth glass or ingredients that treat the senses.

Trust someone to take your ideas and convert them into an amazing brand experience.

Finally start feeling excited about your product, instead of overwhelmed with possibility.

Imagine if you could...




First impressions are 94% design related.

So if your brand experience has only 7 seconds to make an impression, and that impression is based on design—You’ve got to knock this out of the park. 

“Our brand and packaging designs have been crucial in growing as a company. We regularly receive comments from customers saying they love the look of our products.”

- Jessie Steinberg, Beard Reverence

“Our reband has opened so many doors and helped us grow more quickly. My jars jump off the shelf and we’re in more stores, boutiques and wineries than ever!”

- Cindy Greaver, Mrs.g’s hot pepper jelly

- Cindy Greaver,
Mrs.g’s hot pepper jelly

“Lindsay is an expert who not only has grown and evolved our brand, but helped translate our ideas into visuals we use in ads, catalog, social media, and email. She thinks big picture and offers new ideas to surprise our audience.”

- Monica hoover, dark arts surf

No matter where you are, you’ll capture the heart and mind of your customer.

A tried and true visual system dedicated to branding your business and product, so you can turn your vision into reality, make a great first impression and start making sales.

Feel great knowing you have the tools to continue a beautiful, on-brand experience on your own.

Implement a visual strategy to materialize your goals for growth and impact.

A complete visual system that includes your brand identity and a perfectly packaged product in 6 weeks.


This process perfectly pairs your brand promise with strategic visuals to be:




Essential Brand & Packaging


After all final refinements are made, I’ll create a brand manual to guide you from launch and beyond. Whether you are creating or hiring out, I’ll walk you through how to consistently present your brand.


Guide your customer through a seamless experience during their journey. Show consistent visuals and build trust while they learn more about your brand through their platform of choice.

Social Media Visuals

This is where the rubber meets the road. Your brand and genius, all rolled up in one extraordinary package. This is where those seconds count as we grab their attention and land in their shopping cart.


Now I’ll add a few more elements to increase the level of sophistication. Icons and patterns add layers of interest to your marketing - where details tell your brand story in a subtle, subliminal way.


Explore how your brand is further enhanced by the strategic use of color. See how color paired with text push your brand to the forefront, inviting your customer to look a little closer.

color & typography

After we deep dive into your competition, I’ll present a visual direction that bridges your vision to your ideal customer. This step ensures I’m on the right path to creating a brand that thrives for years to come.

Here is what you’ll see and what you get.

Direction Board

This is the drum roll moment. The first part of your brand is revealed with logo and submark working side by side. You can truly envision your brand experience as the business owner and potential customer.


PLUS, you’ll also get access to:

Video Chats

Let’s make sure we are on the same page as we create a strong foundation for success. You can book additional chats and/or email anytime—plus I like to see the face behind an amazing product.

Launch Timeline

An organized process with deliverables, expectations and due dates. No more wondering what you need to do or when you will finally see designs. It’s time to plan that launch.

Personalized Brand Guide

A comprehensive guide (not a mood board) that visually represents your unique brand. See all your brand assets in one place. Understand how each item is important to the brand experience.

How will we get from vision to reality?

We use a brand discovery questionnaire to uncover what makes your business unique and irresistible. Then we create a strategy to get your product into the right hands.

With our strategy in hand, we develop a Brand Experience. We will reveal your logo, colors, typefaces, and packaging - in real scenarios. Finally, all your hard work has come to life as you prepare to launch.

We refine our final assets and ensure they are precision perfect for print and web. Send off your package files to the printer while you apply your brand experience to every last detail of your launch.

It's time to unveil your brand to the world. Take notes as you watch your brand grow as products fly off the shelf. It's time to track your progress and reach those projections.





Sounds good but...

Let’s take a look at the cost in relation to time, money, and result if you’re going to DIY your brand and packaging.

What could this cost?

Find the right template: 20 hours
Learn Illustrator: 40 hours
Apply what you’ve learned: 10 hours


Burned out from learning new skills while running your own business


Time = 70 hours

70 hours
your hourly rate ($100)


COST = $7000.00

Frustrated by not standing out because other businesses purchased the same template

Anxiety every time you have to market your product because you don’t have a visual plan

What was the least expensive option turned out to be the most expensive in reality because of the time, and emotional toll on you and your business.

Essential Brand & Packaging

The heart of your business moves from concept to reality as we map out a visual direction.

Competitive visual analysis and strategy

So you, or your team, can continue marketing your business with primary and sub-marks in print and web format. 

Custom full logo suite

You’re prepared for any print or web opportunity with rgb, cymk, and hex codes.

Color palette

An extension of your brand that promotes your personality and product features.

Brand pattern or icons

Continue to communicate your messages in style and on-brand with clarity. 

Typefaces selection

Let your audience know they’re in the right place and make a connection.

Social media profile for 2 platforms

Make an impression with a curated feed that delivers on your brand promise.

Instagram Feed Mockup

Let’s get your product perfectly packaged so you can make some sales!

Two pieces of packaging of your choice

Ensure a consistent brand experience for both internal and external teams.

Brand manual

All your branded assets, organized and ready to be applied (uploaded upon final payment).

Files for web and print

Get all the visuals plus a strategy you can actually use including:

Your investment for

starts at $4500

Are you ready to build a brand and present your product without all the trial and error?

Yes, I’m Ready!

(payment plan available)

Don’t let another week go by waiting to sell your product. 

If you've made it this far… you’ve got a prototype and are so close to getting your genius out into the world. Imagine sending your files to print in 6 weeks while you plan your launch. Or feeling calm and confident marketing your brand to your dream customers. Maybe even share sneak peeks on social media and make pre-sale orders.

The Essential Brand & Packaging will get you to the finish line. 

Because this process takes 6 weeks of intense focus, I only fill a limited number of spots. So, If you’re ready to begin, secure your spot on my calendar and get that champagne on ice.


Beard Reverence, Amazon product reviews

(from Smart Insights)

Ecommerce averages

Client Success

OPEN RATE: 15.68%

OPEN RATE: 43.9%

First email campaign has 2x the average engagement and makes sales!

dark arts surf, Klaviyo campaign report

Real client results.

You’ve got this & I’ve got you.

You’ve worked so hard creating your business that I want to make sure you get the brand and package design of your dreams. 

You’ll get 2 check-ins before the design begins to ensure I’m in tune with your ultimate goal and ready to create efficiently and effectively. And if for some reason, something isn’t quite right? Enjoy 2 rounds of refinements after you receive your brand experience to make it perfect.  

That’s why you have my word:

I’ll apply all the brand expertise I’ve acquired, while working at agencies and in-house, to propel your brand in the right direction - without the million dollar budget. Your big ideas paired with my 15+ years of print and brand expertise will give you a leg up on the competition. Together, we will get your product from idea to reality in as few as six weeks. 

And just who am I?

I’m Lindsay, and it’s my passion to help small business owners like you, leave the DIY, pretty but superficial, brands behind to invest in an entire brand experience. One that makes a memorable first impression leading to sales - so you won’t have to rebrand again in a year. 

Here is how you know
Essential Brand & Packaging is for you...

Your product is amazing—you need a brand that’s equally amazing

You’re confident about how your product is different from your competition, but not exactly sure how to show it

You know visuals communicate 90% of your message, and you’ve gotta make that first impression

You know you could sell the pants off this product, if you could just show them

You’re ready to make an investment in your business that will impact today, tomorrow and years to come

You want someone to show you how all your brand assets work together so you can give your customers a brand experience they adore

Here’s what others have asked before working with me!

What if I’ve never worked with a designer before and afraid I won’t be able to get the ideas out of my head?

You’re in the right place. My process includes several checkpoints to make sure we’re on the same page. We will go over your brand questionnaire, competitors and vision before any designs are created. A direction board further illustrates our goals and where the brand is headed. If we need to pivot, we will adjust as needed before the heavy design phase.

Can I just get a package design?

Sure! If you just want a package design visit the services page and choose ”VIP Design Day.”

I don’t think I have time for this.

This is an investment in you and your dreams, not just another task on your list. We make your contributions much heavier at the start of the project. You give me the inside scoop into your company, your desires, and the final result. Then, I'll reach out with recommendations during every step of the process to ensure we're on the right track. A majority of customers find they have more time to focus on their business because their brand and packaging are taken care of – they're not wasting time trying to DIY or fit into a template, one-size-fits-all design.

What if I already have a brand, but it just not working?

I can help! This unique process will reveal where your current brand might be missing the mark, giving us a chance to pivot to reach your goals. Your new brand experience will give you the tools to make decisions based on your customer and product vision. No cool looking logos that don't have any substance around here.

Can I add a design project that isn’t included?

Absolutely! Just click the items in the “add-on” section and you’re on your way. These are the projects we find clients ask for most often. We will complete the Product Perspective first, then move on to the add-on projects with our strategy in hand. You can always reach out if you don’t see something listed that you know you will need.

I’m worried about sending my package design to the printer!

I completely understand. There is a lot on the line when it’s time to have your package printed. I have a few options to set you at ease. Not only do I provide print-ready files, but I also include training on how to go through the printing process including what to look for and how to ensure you get the best possible result in your printed piece. If you are still nervous, you can add the “print proofing” option to your proposal in the add-on section. We will have the printer send the proofs to me for review, ensuring the files are printed exactly how they were created. Don’t worry. I've got you.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

I’m happy to help in any way. You can book a call or email at

I created The ESSENTIAL SERVICE so you can:

Eliminate the uncertainty of how to get your idea off the ground, branded, off to print and ready to sell

Focus on what makes your business and product unique, inspiring and accessible

Crush that first impression, leading to credibility and loyalty

See how your brand and product work together as a branded experience

Secure your spot on my calendar and launch with an expert by your side.


The clock is ticking and it’s time to start seeing some deposits in your bank account instead of withdrawals.

You’ve scrolled Instagram and trolled Facebook groups enough to know the design options are endless.







Visuals designed to move products from concept to cart.