Referral Partner Program

Referring is quick and easy

If you’re here, we’ve already worked together or you know someone who has a brilliant product ready to launch.

So, when you send a referral my way...

Send an introductory email to your friend and CC

Here’s how to refer someone:

I will happily pay $500 cash

Create an Instagram group chat with your friend and @looqdesign.

When they book a service, you get $500 transferred into your account.

send an email.

OR start a chat.

they book. you get paid.


Still not sure? Learn more about my signature service.

Who should you refer?

A product-based business owner who is ready to create their brand and package their product, or ready to rebrand. 


Can I refer myself?

Sorry. You can’t refer yourself. But once you’re rolling in the dough from branding your business and getting your product launched, you can refer all your friends and make some serious passive income.

How do I get paid?

Once your referral has booked, I will reach out and ask you where you’d like me to send your cash, Paypal or Venmo. Then ”ta-da,” your money appears.

Do I get paid for just the first, or every referral?

You get paid for each and every referral. What a great way to make extra income and help your friends launch their business. You’re a great friend and can buy yourself something nice. 

I sent someone, but I haven’t been paid.

It’s possible your friend wasn’t ready to book. My service is an investment in themselves and their business. Once, they’re ready and have booked, I’ll reach out and payment is on the way.







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