And I’m going to help you make more sales consistently by optimizing and elevating what you already have.

Because you’ve made it past the start-up stage, you’ve got what it takes to go all the way.

You need to nurture the customers that have already made a purchase.




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You don’t need:

With 20 years in the industry, I’ve used my sustainable growth framework to help product brands have their best holiday, quarter and year.

If you want your marketing efforts to work harder for you, spend less time creating content and know your customer better than ever – let’s make it happen. And let’s get it done in weeks, not months.

Let’s Go

I’m Lindsay Quan

I create obsessed customers so product businesses can go from random sales to repeatable revenue.

Brands i’ve had the pleasure of working with:

“Our e-commerce packaging experience has been crucial in growing as a company. We regularly receive comments from customers saying they love unboxing our products.”

- Jessie Steinberg, Beard Reverence

“Our reband has opened so many doors and helped us grow more quickly. My jars jump off the shelf and we’re in more stores, boutiques and wineries than ever!”

- Cindy Greaver, Mrs.g’s hot pepper jelly

- Cindy Greaver,
Mrs.g’s hot pepper jelly

“Lindsay is a unique combination of sales, marketing and creativity. A true e-comm expert who has grown and evolved our brand by translating our ideas into marketing that converts.”

- Monica hoover, dark arts surf

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