Brands i’ve had the pleasure of working with

Create a product because you see an opportunity to:

But your day-to-day is filled with:

More money going out, than coming in

Doing all the things—graphics, email design and product photography

Living on 5 hours a sleep and a pot of coffee

Feelings of guilt choosing work over family

Vision vs. Reality

the product-based business journey

Fill a gap in the market

Do things differently

Make a living doing what you love

Enjoy more time with friends and family

Not exactly what you thought life would look like.

Let’s change that!


I’m Lindsay

I steer businesses away from fast solutions or cookie-cutter templates that blend in with the competition. And create unforgettable client experiences with brand and packaging design so your customers will buy, share and love everything you sell.

With over 15 years working within agencies, design firms and e-commerce, I know a lot about what makes a product irresistible. Sure, those fancy brand names were great for the resume, but I’d rather be making an impact (and a living) with business owners who inspire me everyday.

I help your product stand out by pairing what makes you unique with visuals that turn browsers into buyers.


Let’s build a legacy

How we can work together

Design Day

Brand & Packaging Design

You’ll have me all to yourself for critical, revenue driving, design projects—done in a day.
It’s a Fast Pass for your business to-do list.

Create synergy between your brand and packaging with visuals that create a profitable, efficient and beautiful business.

Coming soon

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in growing as a company. We regularly receive comments from customers saying they love the look of our products.

have been crucial”

“Our branding

Jessie Steinberg
Beard Reverence

we use in ads, catalog, social media, and email. She thinks big picture and offers new ideas to surprise our audience.

into visuals 

helped translate our ideas

monica Hoover
Dark arts surf

“Lindsay is an expert who not only has grown and evolved our brand, but

“Our REbrand has

Cindy Greaver
Mrs. G’s hot pepper jelly

and helped us grow more quickly. My retail partners love the new design and we’re in more stores, boutiques and wineries than ever!”








Visuals designed to move products from concept to cart.